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Arizona Scorpions are Making a Comeback

2021-05-05T15:58:04-07:00 March 22nd, 2010|Arizona Pests|

The weather is perfect in Phoenix right now -- warm days full of springtime sunshine. But as temperatures begin to rise, Arizona residents might see more scorpions in their homes, their offices or even on a hiking trail. According to a recent report on ABC 15, Banner Good Samaritan received 66 calls about scorpion stings [...]

How to Prevent Bee Stings, aka the Buzz about Bees

2021-05-18T18:41:10-07:00 March 22nd, 2010|Arizona Pests|

There was a report on ABC 15 recently about how you can protect yourself against bee stings. It's important to know that bees are not out to attack unless provoked.  The majority of bees in Arizona are now Africanized bees -- the kind that will aggressively chase you down and sting you if provoked. Bee [...]