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Alpha Pest Green Pest Control Services

Alpha Pest Control offers green, environmentally friendly pest control solutions. The key to the most successful Green Pest Management is the use of what is called Integrated Pest Management or IPM. The overall goal is to reduce any negative impact on the environment, while still continuing to provide the necessary pest management that clearly benefits our homes, food supply, and our health. It is less about the pesticides than it is about the overall manner in which we go about eliminating the potential for pests. This includes several steps.

1. Inspection and monitoring to verify the presence of pests

2. Identification of the pest

3. Habitat modification

4. Exclusion

5. The use of natural control measures where appropriate and effective.

6. The use of the least toxic, cutting edge, target specific, and biodegradable products where appropriate and effective.

It should be noted that when it comes to Green Pest Control the two most important things to remember are to use the correct dosage, and the proper technique to apply the products such as crack and crevice.  The old fashioned way of broadcast treatments hoping to hit your intended target is neither green, efficient or effective.  By using the proper dosage and technique to administer the products you will have less contamination and more target specific results.

At Alpha Pest Control we use the most effective, efficent, and eco-friendly pest control products in order to help control your Arizona bug problems. Many of these products are based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self protection against insects and pathogens. These products along with our techniques of placement help ensure the best possible results from switching to green pest control.  We regularly service schools, daycares, restaurants, veterinaries, etc…  More and more of these locations are turning to the green approach just like you are.

We are experienced in using a more eco-friendly approach to pest control, and are looking forward to helping  you reclaim your space using proven techniques with the highest level of service and quality.