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Termites are very common in Arizona. You might have termite issues if you notice mud tubes on the walls around the base of your house or business. You might also see peeling paint, grooves or dry rot on wood surfaces.

Alpha Pest Control can help you with termite pest control in your home or workplace.

The first step in termite control services is to remove scrap wood, firewood, and any other wood materials that are in contact with the soil.  There should be at least six inches between any wood and the exterior soil.  If you have a crawl space there should be 18 inches between the soil and the floor joists.  Also any water leaks or moisture problems need to be corrected.

The most common means of control for subterranean termites is to create a barrier between the colony in the soil and the structure using a termiticide.  It is a labor intensive endeavor which entails trenching and drilling around the base of the structure.  Then applying the proper termiticide which adheres to the soil creating a proper barrier. The professionals at Alpha Pest Control are well-trained to help you alleviate any problems with termites in Arizona. Please contact us for more information or call 480-968-0414.