Getting rid of weeds in Arizona – we can help

Feb 04, 2022

Weed Removal Alpha Pest Control

Spring is a beautiful time in Arizona. The weather is perfect and all of our desert plants and wildflowers sprout vibrant blooms.

But, spring also brings something that we all could live without – weeds. Weeds in Arizona are a problem that can seem overwhelming to most. No one wants to spend endless hours kneeling in their yard digging out weeds one by one.

Did you know that Alpha Pest Control can help you with getting rid of your weeds in Arizona, professionally and inexpensively?

Here are a few answers to your questions about weeds.

1. Why are there so many weeds in the Phoenix area right now?

Weeds are a fact of life. They seem to grow must easier than the plants that you really want in your yard and garden. Seeds and plants can lay dormant until the proper weather is present.  

Let’s talk about differences between pre-emergents and post-emergents – chemicals that are used to treat a weed problem. Pre-emergents keep the seed from opening up and creating a weed. Post-emergents destroy the weed after the seed has popped open and the weed is visible. The most effective tool in weed control is using pre-emergents. It’s better to prevent the seed from opening in the first place.

2. How can a pest control company spray for weeds?

Pest control companies are licensed for general pest issues, of course.  But, they can also be licensed for termite and weed control. The Alpha Pest Control team, servicing the metro Phoenix area, is licensed for weed control.

3. Are weed control chemicals safe for pets?

Everything we use to control weeds in Arizona is labeled for proper use in the places where we use them. For optimum safety, the product needs to dry, which doesn’t take very long. Once properly applied, you don’t have to even think about them. The products that Alpha Pest Control uses are approved for medical facilities, veterinary offices, schools, playgrounds, etc. And, many of our clients have all kinds of pets from birds to dogs to turtles. Which is awesome, because our team loves pets too.

4. How soon will I see results?

Results from a weed control treatment are usually noticed within one to two weeks of using a post-emergent. You will see the current leaves turn yellow and start to die off.  But before the problem even starts to get bad, we suggest using pre-emergents so you don’t see any new weeds growing.  

5. Do you have to treat my yard multiple times?

It is recommended to spray the pre-emergents twice a year during the spring and fall rainy seasons. Consult with your weed specialist for timing. This will greatly reduce the use of post-emergents.

For questions about weed control at your Arizona home or business, please contact the Alpha Pest Control team at 480-968-0414, fill out our online form or email [email protected].