Pigeon removal


Alpha Pest Control’s outdoor pest service can protect your property and your family from pigeons.

No matter where you live, pigeons are everywhere. Not only are they annoying, but they carry and spread disease. Many people aren’t aware that you should never disturb pigeon fecal matter. It is highly dangerous because when it is dry and is disturbed, like you would do if you sweep it off of your driveway, you are actually causing the spores to get airborne. These spores can enter your body through your nose, moth, eyes, open wounds, etc. and can be extremely dangerous.

That’s why you should leave pigeon control to the experts at Alpha Pest Control. We will diagnose your specific problem and use proven techniques and innovative equipment to stop these birds from nesting at your house or place of business.

Call or text Alpha Pest Control at 480-968-0414 or use our website form to explain your issue. We’ll schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you.


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