Methods to help get rid of pigeons

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No one wants to share their home with pigeons. They are a nuisance, their poop is never ending and they can spread disease. And, once they’ve found a place to roost on your roof, on top of a pillar or under eaves, they are inclined to stay for generations.

You may have seen a few pigeon deterrents in your neighborhood. Some of them are effective and some aren’t at all.

It’s best to let professionals handle any issues with pigeons to make sure that they are relocated safely and effectively. The Alpha Pest Control team in the metro Phoenix area specializes in pigeon control and are often asked how to get rid of pigeons. Before we manage a pigeon problem, there are two important details that we need to know.

1. First, how long the birds have been a problem and how many are there?  If you have a large population and they’ve been there for a while, your home is now their home and they will find a way around any deterrent.  At that point, you’ll need a professional to trap and remove them.

2. The second most important part in in pigeon control is to properly clean and sanitize the area where they are roosting before placing any device. If you don’t remove their odor, they will be likely to return to that spot, voiding any valiant effort to deter them. And trust us on this, pigeons don’t exactly keep a clean home. You don’t want to be the one to clean up their mess. You’ll want a professional’s help.

Some of the options to get rid of pigeons include spikes, electric tracks, bird spiders, sprays, gels, reflective devices, odor devices, netting, wires and traps. Here is a breakdown of some of these options that are commonly used deter and relocate pigeons.

Fake Owls

Have you ever seen a pigeon sitting next to a decoy owl on a roofline or block wall? Yep, we have too. The owl might work for a brief period, but pigeons are smart enough to know that the owl isn’t real and isn’t a threat to them because it doesn’t move.


If the pigeons have had several generations at your home and you don’t clean the area where they are congregating, these pesky birds will make a nest in the spikes or beside the spikes. If there are a large amount of birds attracted to your house, you will need to hire a professional to trap them.

Reflective devices

Reflective devices can be extremely effective if placed in the proper location. They have to be at the highest point on a structure so that the shadow it makes is above the pigeon’s nest. This tricks them into thinking the shadow is a predator and they will stay away. 

These devices can work. But, the most common thing we see is that they are placed incorrectly.  Also, even if they are in the right place, their shiny surface reflects sunlight into your neighbor’s front window or distracts people who are driving by. That’s not great.

They are best used in commercial settings, placed by professionals. We’ve seen them placed all over the top of a building several feet apart, which can create a strobe light effect. Trust us on this, if one is a good idea, dozens of them are too many.

Bird Spiders

One of the pigeon deterrents that can be effective, if properly installed, are called bird spiders. They have multiple slim metal tentacles that branch out from a solid base. They move with the breeze and pigeons can’t see the metal arms when they’re trying to land on a chimney. They will run into the metal and it throws them off course. So, they won’t be able to survey the neighborhood from your rooftop. They’ll move somewhere else instead.


Another one of our favorite methods to prevent pigeons from returning to your house are gel-filled discs. To a pigeon, this special gel smells like fire. While you might not think that pigeons are smart, they are smart enough to know that the smell of fire is bad. When attached to the top of a pillar on a patio or another problem spot, they are a great deterrent. Again, they will work if installed correctly after the area is completely sanitized and cleaned.

In sum, there are several options that can be extremely effective at pigeon control if used properly.

Contact the Alpha Pest Control team to find out how we can help create a pigeon-free home. Call or text us at 480-968-0414, email us or fill out our contact form and we’ll get started on solutions tailored to fit your specific pigeon issues.

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