Six tips for a pest free summer in Arizona

We’ve already had our first triple digit temperature so that means that summer has officially arrived in metro Phoenix. Summer is the time when we hang out in our backyards, playing in the pool and having barbeques, and we’ll also put our AC units to good use over the next few months. Whether you’re spending time inside or outside this summer, you definitely don’t want bugs to ruin your summer plans.

We might not enjoy the hotter summer days, but a lot of insects don’t seem to mind at all. Some pests thrive in the summer heat but there are things that you can do to keep them away from your home. Here are six tips from the Alpha Pest Control team to help you rid your home of pests so you’re ready for the summer in Arizona.

  1. Keep your yard tidy. Spend an early morning or two doing a bit of clean up around your yard. Remove items that are stacked against the house because they could be hiding places for pests like spiders and scorpions. Also, keep your Bermuda grass cut short. Longer grass can attract ants, crickets and roaches. That’s not exactly what you’d like to discover when walking barefoot through your lawn!
  2. It’s never a good idea to overwater your yard in Arizona. It is the desert after all. But did you know that moisture can attract insects? That’s especially true with standing water. That can really draw mosquitoes to your yard, even if it’s just a small amount of water. So, water just enough to keep your landscape green and make sure to check for leaks that create puddles that will attract mosquitoes.
  3. Speaking of mosquitoes, we’ve found a really effective way to keep them at bay. We place a black “mosquito bucket” in an inconspicuous place in your yard. Mosquitoes are attracted to the mixture of water and alfalfa in the bucket, so they lay their eggs there, but the eggs won’t hatch, which means the mosquitoes can’t reproduce. It’s an all-natural way to reduce a mosquito population and greatly reduce the use of insect repellent when you’re outside.
  4. A lot of people have sheds in their backyard for storage. Make sure that your shed is sitting on a foundation or cinderblocks. A shed that’s set directly on the ground can be a haven for pests like roaches, crickets, rodents and bees. One of our neighbors actually had a squirrel living under his shed, which we helped relocate. Because a random squirrel is funny in a Chevy Chase movie, but not something you want to pop out of your backyard shed.
  5. If there are pigeons in your neighborhood, make sure they don’t nest at your house. They are certainly a nuisance, and even worse, they carry disease. We use a couple of products to help keep pigeons at bay. One is a metal “spider” that attaches to your chimney. It has thin, long curved arms that sweep over your chimney, preventing pigeons from roosting there. For places like columns, eaves or other spaces around your house where pigeons like to hang out, we use optical gel bird repellent. The areas have to be sanitized by the Alpha Pest team and then the bird repellents are strategically placed. To pigeons, the gel disks smell like fire and they won’t come near them. Pro tip: those stationary owls that you see from time to time on houses don’t work at all to scare away pigeons. Pigeons are smart enough to figure out quickly that the owl isn’t a threat.
  6. Keep an eye out for spiderwebs and let Alpha Pest know if you see any problem areas. With everyone spending more time in the backyard and hanging out by the pool, you certainly don’t want any spiders, especially poisonous ones like Black Widows. Spiders tend to make their homes around items that don’t move often like wheelbarrows, outdoor furniture and wood piles.

Let the Alpha Pest Control team know how we can help get your home ready for summer, and keep it pest free all year long. Call or text us at 480-968-0414 to set up an appointment or fill out our online contact form.

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