Arizona Scorpions are Making a Comeback

Scorpions Alpha Pest Control

Warm temperatures in Arizona mean it is scorpion season. Scorpions can be found in the Sonoran Desert on hiking trails, but unfortunately, they also take up residence in homes and offices. Alpha Pest Control can help.

There are 30 types of scorpions in Arizona. There are three types that are most prevalent in our state: bark scorpions, striped scorpions and the scariest sounding of them all, the giant hairy scorpion. These scorpions are not that aggressive. Most people are stung because they accidentally stepped on one or stuck their hand or foot in a place where a scorpion was hiding. Bark scorpions are the most dangerous and can be life threatening, although their stings are usually only very harmful to the very young, very old or sick. Bark scorpions are very small – they only grow to be about an inch to three inches long.

Scorpions are fairly unactive during the day. They are nocturnal, so most stings happen at night.

But scorpions aren’t just something that you have to accept if you live in the Phoenix area. If you are having issues with scorpions, call on Alpha Pest Control. The Alpha Pest team are experts in the field and can help control scorpions and prevent continuing issues. Alpha Pest uses pesticides that eliminate scorpions and other insects that are their main food source.

In addition to having regular pest control service, there are several ways that you can prevent scorpion issues at your home or business.

  • First, clean up any debris, bricks, or wood piles next to your house. These are exactly the types of places where scorpions like to hide.
  • Fill any cracks or crevices in the walls or around windows and doors of your house or office building. Even the smallest crack can be a place where scorpions might be able to enter.
  • Also, be sure that the rubber trim around the sides and the bottom of your doors are not cracked and consider replacing them for a tighter fit. If you can see daylight under your door, scorpions or other insects can definitely enter that way.
  • You can also make sure that your grass is cut short to prevent them from sheltering in your yard.

If you have any questions about how Alpha Pest Control can help protect you from scorpions, please give us a call or text us at 480-968-0414. Or, fill out our online form.

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