Cockroaches like Arizona too

Dead cockroach Alpha Pest Control

There’s nothing that can give you the heebie jeebies more than seeing a cockroach in your house. They move fast, and it’s no secret that they carry diseases. Yuck.
We’ve seen a lot of American cockroaches in AZ lately. That’s the most common type. Here’s why we’re seeing more of them.

  • We like a bit of rain and warm temperatures. So do cockroaches. The weather that we’ve enjoyed lately is bringing cockroaches out of their hiding places.
  • They are looking for food. Anything organic will do, such as food crumbs on your kitchen counter or a bit of grease under your stove.
  • They also travel into homes and businesses via drainpipes. If you have a drain that you don’t use very often, be sure to pour water through it every few days. When a drain pipe dries out, cockroaches can use it like a freeway to enter your space.

If you’ve seen cockroaches lately, please give Alpha Pest Control a call. We’re trained to find out where they’re coming from and we’ll provide the best solution so you don’t have these unwanted visitors in your house this summer. Call us at 480-968-8004 or send us an email to find out how we can help.

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