Five common Arizona insects

photo showing Arizona insects, scorpion, earwig, spider, silverfish and Palo Verde beetle

The Alpha Pest Control team has seen it all when it comes to Arizona insects. Roaches, scorpions, termites, crickets, ants, spiders and bed bugs to name a few. There are a few Arizona insects that are also common, but are not seen as much or are not as destructive as a termite. But that doesn’t mean they’re not a nuisance. Because of Arizona’s warm winters, you can find insects in and around your home all year long.

No matter what type of insect has invaded your space, we’ve got you covered.

What are five common Arizona insects you might see?

  1. Silverfish – These unusual insects haven’t changed much in a million years. They are fast and can live for months and months without food. And what does their diet consist of? Paper, glue, toothpaste, shaving cream and other odd things. They need moisture and because of that and their diet, you’ll often see them in bathrooms.
  2. Palo Verde beetles – Imagine a cockroach looking thing that’s five inches long and flies. Is it the stuff of nightmares? No, it’s just a Palo Verde beetle. They feed on the roots of our state tree, the Palo Verde. This Arizona insect lives underground for 2-4 years before they emerge to look for a mate. And, after all of that time, they die after they mate. You usually only see them during monsoon season. While they look terrifying, they are not harmful to humans.
  3. Cellar spiders – These spiders are commonly known at daddy longlegs, which is honestly a very descriptive name. They are brown with a small body compared to the length of their thin legs, which look oversized for their body. You’ll often find them in corners where they have built a web. They’re not dangerous but we understand that you don’t want to share a house with them!
  4. Earwigs – These guys can be up to an inch long and are mostly black with red and yellow hues. They have six legs and a pincer at the end of their body that they use to gather food. They eat organic material like leaves and grass clippings. They like cold, dark places and thrive with moisture. They usually live in garden areas, but can make their way inside your home too.
  5. Arizona bark scorpion – We live in the desert and scorpions do too, unfortunately. The bark scorpion is small and brown in color and can be up to three inches long. They are venomous and if you’re stung by one, the pain can last up to 72 hours. They are nocturnal and can often be found hiding underneath rocks or you guessed it, bark and wood piles. These Arizona scorpions can get inside your home with only a very small opening, less than ¼ inch.

How do you keep bugs like these at bay? Regular pest control service is the most effective. The Alpha Pest Control team can create a barrier on the outside of your home to control insect populations. And, specific to scorpions, they feed on insects so significantly reducing the amount of pests around your home will make your home much less appealing to them.

Most insects from scorpions to roaches to termites, all require moisture to survive. Be sure to identify and fix any leaking pipes or eliminate standing water from things like a broken sprinkler or a bucket in your backyard that may have collected water during the last rainstorm. And, you can regularly check around your home to correct any cracks in an exterior wall or replace any worn weather stripping around windows and doors.

If you are having an insect issue, the Alpha Pest Control team is ready to help. We happily provide pest control and exterminator services, including termites, in Tempe, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Laveen, Mesa, Phoenix and Scottsdale. Call or text us at 480-968-0414 or fill out our contact form.

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