Got Gophers? We can help you get rid of them

Alpha Pest Control photo of gopher outside in a field

Gophers like Arizona too. You may not know that Alpha Pest Control can help with a gopher issue, or any other rodent issue, at your home or business. While a gopher is much cuter than a roach, they can cause a lot of damage with their tireless commitment to tunnel digging. So, how do you get rid of gophers before they cause lots of damage?

When you see a gopher hole, it isn’t apparent just how much is going on underground. Their only job is to dig so they will create a transportation system for them and their buddies under a lawn. That leaves the mounds of dirt next to the hole that can cause a tripping hazard. Their tunnels also can harm irrigation and drip systems which could lead to leaks and excess water use. Their digging can also harm the roots of plants.

In addition, the tunnels created by gophers can also be used by other rodents or pests, compounding the problem.

What can be done to get rid of gophers?

This isn’t a problem that will be fixed by a DIY solution. You will need pest control professionals to access the specific issue and determine the best resolution.

The Alpha Pest Control team will thoroughly examine the damage in your yard to find out the scope of the problem caused by these industrious rodents.

There are several methods to control gophers. These include traps, repellents or our preferred method to smoke them out of their tunnels. It is environmentally friendly and fast, and doesn’t harm other species.  

We also focus on prevention. For instance, overwatering a yard will make it a much more hospitable space for gophers. This is why those lush golf courses can have gopher infestations. Cue the Caddyshack theme music.

And, their favorite snack? Agave plants. They love to eat the roots (of all plants, but especially agave) which destroys the plant.

Let us help.

In conclusion, a gopher problem is definitely a time to reach out to the experts.

Contact Alpha Pest Control to help with any pest problem from scorpions to spiders to gophers. Text or call us at 480-968-0414 or fill out our contact us form. We take pride in our work and are thankful for our clients who put their trust in us. We look forward to helping you too.

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