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Temperatures in Metro Phoenix are rising and that means that mosquitoes are back. This is especially true once monsoon season is upon us. Here at Alpha Pest Control, we can help keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay so you can enjoy your backyard this summer.

Before we talk about mosquito control in Arizona, here are a few facts about these pests.

Did you know that only female mosquitoes are to blame for mosquito bites? Females use their mouth parts to pierce the skin of warm blooded animals, drawing blood. The males only feed on juices from plants and they do not bite.

Mosquitoes can take the fun out of relaxing in your backyard. But, more importantly, mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as the Zika virus, yellow fever, malaria and dog heartworm. Those are more than enough reasons to take care of mosquitoes using pest control professionals.

Mosquitoes are hard to control because they are flying insects and can roam a large area.  The best way to control them is to find out where their breeding source is located. Their breeding source is always standing water, like water in the bottom of a bucket, an area near a plant that gets too much water or an abandoned pool in a neighbor’s backyard. A breeding source for a mosquito can impact an area within a 20 mile radius. That’s right. 20 miles.

The city where you live might provide a fogging service to cut down on the mosquito population. That helps a bit in the short term, however fogging is a temporary solution.

The Alpha Pest Control team can help you with a few long term solutions to control mosquitoes near your home or business.

  1. Our pest exterminators can treat the bushes around your home with a residual insecticide. That will contain the problem longer than fogging.  This method kills the adults that rest on the treated area. However, killing the mosquito larvae before they become adults is much more effective.
  2. An even more effective method works to kill the larvae before they become adults. There are “mosquito buckets” that we can place around your property. We will monitor these buckets to make sure that they are working. The mosquitoes are attracted to the water in the buckets and they lay their eggs inside. But the eggs won’t be able to hatch. This cuts down on the population and is a green solution as well because there aren’t any chemicals inside the bucket.

For optimal results may we suggest a combination of both methods: treating the bushes around your home in tandem the mosquito traps to help collect the larvae.

It may seem like mosquitoes in Arizona are just something that you have to tolerate during the summer months. But, trust us, trying one of these mosquito pest control techniques will make using your backyard a far more enjoyable experience. Give the Alpha Pest Control pros a call or text us at 480-968-0414 or send us an email to schedule an appointment.

You can also learn more about our residential pest control services in the Phoenix area on our website.

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