Pest control tips to keep your house pest free for the holidays

pest control tips to keep your house pest free for the holidays

In metro Phoenix, the holiday season doesn’t bring snow, but it sure inspires lots of festive decorations. The Alpha Pest Control team has a few pest control tips to help keep insects at bay while you are busy decorating your house for the holidays and getting ready for visits from family and friends. And of course, regular pest control service is a great idea too!

  • Make sure that all of those extra baked goods in your kitchen are in sealed containers. And, keep your sinks clear of dirty dishes. You don’t want ants to crash the party. 
  • Run water down any drains that you don’t use often (like in guest bathrooms). This will prevent roaches from using your drains as a highway. 
  • When you’re pulling boxes filled with decorations out of your attic, garage or closets, check to make sure that termites haven’t caused any damage to the baseboards or walls. Stopping termites in their tracks as soon as you see the signs will go a long way to protect your house from costly repairs. Look for mud tubes attached to anything made out of wood.
  • While you’re getting holiday supplies or wrapping paper out of your closets, look around to make sure there aren’t any mouse droppings. This is an obvious sign that they think your house is a cozy winter retreat. You’ll need help evicting them.
  • Sweep cobwebs down from outside of your house (and the inside too) when you put up decorations. After all, Halloween is over!

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