Carpet Beetles in Arizona: what are they and how do you prevent them?

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Spiders, scorpions, roaches and mosquitoes might be some of the pests that lead you to call Alpha Pest Control for help. Some of our customers have found carpet beetles in their homes and while not as common, they can certainly cause a lot of damage.

What are carpet beetles in Arizona?

Google carpet beetle and another name for them comes up – skin beetle. Let’s set that gross fact aside for a minute and help you identify carpet beetles. The adults are small, about 1/6 to 1/8 inches long, and are brownish, sometimes with a mix of white and yellow.

How do you know if you have carpet beetles in your home?

You guessed it – carpet beetles often live in carpets. But they can feed on other items too — wool, fur, leather, silk, lint, hair and feathers. They leave cotton and rayon alone, unless they are blended with wool or stained with food or body oil. They can also feed on dry skin flakes (hence the other name, skin beetle – yuck!) And, an adult can lay up to 50-100 eggs at a time that turn into larvae and potential new carpet beetles. The larvae have a large appetite too – they don’t need to be adults to start eating items in your home. Oh, and they shed their skin as they grow. We just gave you several new subjects for your nightmares!

The damage that they cause is similar to a moth. You will notice small holes in sweaters, scarves, rugs that are stored, down pillows, upholstery and even taxidermy. Rugs that are vacuumed often and clothes that are worn and washed often are usually left alone. They can also make their homes in lint or pet hair piles found near baseboards or in vents.

How to prevent a carpet beetle infestation?

Dry clean items that are going to be stored for a while. Also, store items in sealed bins or bags that can be zipped up and sealed. Carpet beetles could start their infestation by finding their homes on a stored rug, a wool hat that is rarely worn or inside the seams or upholstery or a wool blazer. Good housekeeping certainly helps, including vacuuming along the edges of carpet.

How does Alpha Pest Control treat carpet beetles?

Treatment for carpet beetles in Arizona is tailored to your specific problem. We will look for where the problem originates so you can dry clean or remove any items that are infested. Our team will also use insecticides to help eradicate them in your home. And, we provide education on how they can be prevented in the future using thorough cleaning methods and knowing what signs to look for before a problem gets out of hand.

In conclusion, carpet beetles are never welcome in your Arizona home, but our team can help you say goodbye to them for good. Call or text us at 480-968-0414 or fill out our contact form and we can get you on your way to a pest free home.

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