Rats in Phoenix are moving in!

Rodent Trap Alpha Pest Control

Do you ever hear scratching in your attic or walls late at night when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep?  If so you more than likely have a rat coming in from the cold and getting cozy in your home.  This is a common occurrence for many who live in the valley. Many older and even newer homes are not properly sealed, giving rats lots of opportunities to get inside.  For example I see this all the time where an electrical pipe or even the hose from the air conditioning going into the side of your home isn’t properly sealed.  There are any number of other common openings that aren’t sealed as well, which means you’re just inviting our little friends to come inside to get warm.  Did you know that rats only need a half inch space and mice only need a quarter of an inch to squeeze right into your home.

In order to help prevent and or eradicate these little vermin from your happy abode please contact Alpha Pest Control at 480-968-0414 or email us for all of your Phoenix pest control needs.

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