Arizona Scorpions are Making a Comeback

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Arizona Scorpions are Making a Comeback

The weather is perfect in Phoenix right now — warm days full of springtime sunshine. But as temperatures begin to rise, Arizona residents might see more scorpions in their homes, their offices or even on a hiking trail. According to a recent report on ABC 15, Banner Good Samaritan received 66 calls about scorpion stings last week, compared to 49 the week before. Click here.

There are three main scorpions in Arizona: bark scorpions, striped scorpions and the scariest sounding of them all, the giant hairy scorpion. These scorpions are not that aggressive. Most people are stung because they accidentally stepped on one or stuck a hand or a foot in a place where a scorpion was hiding. Bark scorpions are the most dangerous, although their stings are usually only very harmful to the very young, very old or sick. Striped scorpions are the most common.

Pesticides, such as the kind that Alpha Pest Control uses for Arizona scorpions, will kill scorpions as well as other insects, a scorpion food source. You can also talk to us about options for sealing your home. Sealing is another way to prevent scorpions from entering your home or business. This process seals up cracks and crevices that could be entry points.

If you have any questions about how we can help you protect your home from scorpions, please give us a call – 480-968-0414.

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